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The Horny Funk Brothers

The Horny Funk Brothers, a 9-member group, dedicated with body and soul to the Soul-Funk-Tradition, present their album LITTLE SOUL. They were also invited to the legendary Little Big Beat-Studio in Liechtenstein to play a live session, which is now available limited on vinyl only. The Horny Funk Brothers compose and arrange their songs in a collaborative, creative process. Therefore every musician can bring in their experience, expertise and professionalism to create the special HFB sound, where the soulful voice of Hubert Tubbs (former singer of "Tower of Power"), the tight rhythm section and the crisp brass section merge harmoniously.

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Monika Zöchling

So und ned anders“: Monika Zöchling enters the stage of Austrian dialect music with her debut album, telling stories written by life. Monika Zöchling enchants with her clear and at the same time nuanced voice. Alternating between bluesy-jazzy chansons in the Viennese dialect and touching ballads in german, she finds her own art and her own expression. "It fills me with great joy to be singing and telling from the soul, just as it comes into my head." With bowler hat on her head and suspenders, the born frontwoman convinces with a lot of wit and black humor.

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AUREUM Saxophon Quartett

"Newsorgsky" is the name of the debut of AUREUM Saxophone Quartet. On this CD, the ASQ recorded has recorded one of the most famous, multi-faceted works of classical music - Modest Mussorgsky's "Pictures of an Exhibition" – in a very rarely heard version on four saxophones. Aiming to elate interest in music among a young generation, AUREUM have joined forces to create this project. Their focus is on the promoting classical music amongst a young audience.

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