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Schneeberger & Bakanic
Avanti Avanti

Diknu Schneeberger
is one of the world's most skilled guitarists in the tradition of Gypsy Swing. By a happy coincidence, his musical paths crossed with those of the Austrian accordion virtuoso Christian Bakanic. The result is the debut album "Avanti Avanti" in quartet constellation.

In a matter of seconds, the quartet enchants with their refreshing alpine swing. In the foreground, however, is always the interplay of catchy melodies and virtuosity of the Viennese musicians in their compositions. "Avanti Avanti" is a successful mixture of Gypsy Swing, Balkan Jazz, and new folk music. It becomes crystal clear after the first few chords: this quartet knows how to enchant the heart and the ear at the same time.

B:A:C:H • like waters

For years and with regularity, the releases and performances of the radio.string.quartet have caused quite a stir. The four inspire with exciting interpretations, innovative arrangements, and unique adaptations of other artists' music as well as with original compositions and collaborations with various musicians. This has already convinced classical, jazz, electronic, and pop fans among others.

After the first album "Erd" with Roland Neuwirth and thus also the element earth, the radio.string.quartet now dedicates itself to the force of nature's water. For this purpose, the music of J.S. Bach is reinterpreted and brought into the present day - an exciting listening experience including a very special deep dive. In "B:A:C:H - like waters" the radio.string.quartet adapts the 300-year-old G minor violin sonata by J.S. Bach. The pillars of the composition are strongly anchored, only the garment is adapted to the musical language of the radio.string.quartet. The newest music becomes a contemporary listening experience, in which the band lets its unique sound cosmos merge with the ideas and forms of the baroque master.

Guru & Friends
Kreisler 101

Georg Kreisler was a great composer and poet who, alongside Helmut Qualtinger and Gerhard Bronner, shaped Viennese cabaret for many years. On the occasion of his 101st birthday, the Viennese multi-instrumentalist Guru has invited old acquaintances and new friends to celebrate the late grand seigneur's unround birthday together. Among them are Heinz Ditsch, Tini Kainrath, Wolf Bachofner, Agnes Palmisano, Christian Bakanic, Peter Havlicek, Robert Kolar, and many more.

The 12 songs of the album include the classics of the master of polished words, long-forgotten treasures, and well-aged songs, which are today more relevant than ever. "Kreisler 101" is a gift to the birthday boy and at the same time the introductory course for new Kreisler fans.