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Beate Reiermann
Edith Lettner

Travel Diaries

Beate Reiermann and Edith Lettner were both shaped and inspired by their travels, international student visits and projects with outstanding musicians from all over the world, whom they met on the road and in Austria. In their joint duo project TRAVEL DIARIES, Edith and Beate play their own compositions that reflect their diverse musical experiences and provide a colorful basis for improvisation and dynamic interplay. Elements from African, Latin American and Spanish music as well as sounds and rhythms from the Middle East, Anatolia and the Caucasus have crept into the jazzy diary entries - like scents that have stuck on luggage. They trigger the creativity of the two extremely agile thoroughbred musicians.

ka rua


What inventions would Johann Sebastian Bach have had if he had caught an few too many at the “Heurigen” (pub) in Vienna? Did Bach compose “Heurigenmusik” (pubmusic) anyway? Would Johann Schrammel have secretly liked to compose like his baroque colleague? Taken the holy brook with Viennese humor? What kind of music for Schrammel harmonica would Bach have composed? The musicians Peter Hudler and Andreas Teufel ask themselves all these questions and answer them musically on the cello and the traditional Viennese button accordion, the Schrammelharmonika, in ka rua. The result is a Quodlibet made from battered Bach and båchanem Schrammel, from Bach preludes and Schrammelfugen, from old Viennese dance suites to satirical sacred content, whereby even H. C. Artmann and J. S. Bach find each other. There are many Bach crossovers – but there is only one SchrammelBach ...

Elsa Janulidu
Hanna Bachmann

Elsa Janulidu

Across the history of music there are endlessly beautiful and partly unknown songs on the subject of "dreams" to be discovered, to which the most varied of poets and composers have dedicated themselves in their own and very personal ways. Elsa Janulidu and Hanna Bachmann skilfully implement the idea of portraying different styles of music and different approaches in a dreamy way, whilst simultaneously presenting a harmonious oeuvre. The juxtaposition of a total of eight languages is also exciting! The album title "Dream with me" taken from Leonard Bernstein's eponymous composition is also indicative for that. The wide range of composers represented here include songs by Edvard Grieg, Joseph Haydn, Clara Schumann, Franz Liszt, Richard Strauss, Franz Schubert, Jean Sibelius, Alban Berg, Kurt Weill, Richard Wagner, but also contemporary songs such as Manos Hatzidakis, Ennio Morricone, Astor Piazzolla or Harold Arlen.