Von PREISER empfohlen

Various Artists

„Abschied vom Liebhartstal“- A Viennese journey through time is a reflection of Joe's life. Sung by Karl Merkatz, Herlinde Lindner, Hort Chmela, Adi Hirschal and many more, well-known and almost forgotten songs shine in a new light. Under the headings "Crossover Tunes, Prologue, Dance & Fun, Romantic, Wienerlied, Lebende Legenden" summarized, „Abschied vom Liebhartstal“ is a musical journey through life. Joe had the rug pulled out from under him. Too young, his wife died suddenly. The funeral ceremony he can only survive with the help of the unrealistic mental idea of the next life and an imaginary journey to New Orleans [# 1]. Days later, he begins to think about his life. He recalls the day he returned to Kaisermühlen, where he had grown up and had experienced the adventures of his childhood and youth [# 2]…

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Martin Achrainer

One singer, One pianist and 24 poems by Wilhelm Müller, set to the music by Franz Schubert - Winterreise creates a combination of musical extraordinaryness and emotional roller coaster in a minimalistic way. Baritone Martin Achrainer interprets the famous cycle in a stage adaptation by Hermann Schneider.

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AUREUM Saxophon Quartett

"Newsorgsky" is the name of the debut of AUREUM Saxophone Quartet. On this CD, the ASQ recorded has recorded one of the most famous, multi-faceted works of classical music - Modest Mussorgsky's "Pictures of an Exhibition" – in a very rarely heard version on four saxophones. Aiming to elate interest in music among a young generation, AUREUM have joined forces to create this project. Their focus is on the promoting classical music amongst a young audience.

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