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Georg Breinschmid
Classical Brein

"Classical Brein", puts the composer Georg Breinschmid in the foreground, who was one of the first to make the term crossover acceptable, and presents both classical and jazzy compositions on this double album. More and more he is becoming a composer who not only writes for formations in which he plays the double bass, but also for other soloists, orchestras, festivals, and organizers who desire music from him.

Congenial partners such as singer and cabaret artist Caroline Athanasiadis, cellist Matthias Bartolomey, double bassist Dominik Wagner, violinist Benjamin Schmid, violinist Emmanuel Tjeknavorian, violist Benedict Mitterbauer, cellist Jeremias Fliedl, pianist Maximilian Kromer, violinist Vahid Khadem-Missagh and his Academia Allegro Vivo, speaker Axel Brüggemann and Ensemble Kammerfunk support him in this project.

Georg Breinschmid is and remains a jack-of-all-trades who is not scared to try out new things and creates something exquisite within the process.

B:A:C:H • like waters

For years and with regularity, the releases and performances of the radio.string.quartet have caused quite a stir. The four inspire with exciting interpretations, innovative arrangements, and unique adaptations of other artists' music as well as with original compositions and collaborations with various musicians. This has already convinced classical, jazz, electronic, and pop fans among others.

After the first album "Erd" with Roland Neuwirth and thus also the element earth, the radio.string.quartet now dedicates itself to the force of nature's water. For this purpose, the music of J.S. Bach is reinterpreted and brought into the present day - an exciting listening experience including a very special deep dive. In "B:A:C:H - like waters" the radio.string.quartet adapts the 300-year-old G minor violin sonata by J.S. Bach. The pillars of the composition are strongly anchored, only the garment is adapted to the musical language of the radio.string.quartet. The newest music becomes a contemporary listening experience, in which the band lets its unique sound cosmos merge with the ideas and forms of the baroque master.

The Joyce Project
strings in the earth


Together, the singer and actress Dagmar Bernhard and the musician and composer Joe Pinkl have taken on the collection of poems "Chamber Music" by the Irish writer James Joyce and interwoven it with excerpts from letters, text passages, and poems to create a subtle and unique collage.

Dagmar Bernhard recites, sings, and plays her way through the multifaceted soul landscape of this ingenious author in "strings in the earth", and together with Joe Pinkl (piano, composition), Mario Machacek (guitar, electric guitar) and Rainer Gartner (percussion), goes in search of traces and explores the multi-layered personality of this driven man, caught in a time of upheaval and war.